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Wait a minute...

What am I doing here?

So...I'm a teenager with a strange desire to learn about a zillion languages. I also want to be a writer, and I plan to get a double major in creative writing and modern languages when I go to college. Whenever that will be. Hopefully, as soon as I graduate. Becaues yes, I am still in high school, as icky and as boring as that seems. I have a lot of really weird religious/other beliefs--I'm a Pagan-Buddhist. I identify myself as otherkin--a sort of guardian demon, to be exact. I like to translate my writing into Spanish sometimes, as I don't know enough French yet to actually translate anything worth translating. I can read Italian, but not speak it. But I'm hoping to change that. I ramble a lot. I know HTML--enough to make blog/website/myspace layouts. I also love to use PSP/PS. I also love to knit--I knit my first sweater last summer, and I'm working on my second and a sort of [rather ugly] patchwork blanket at the same time.